GemStone III

GemStone III is a text-based, multiplayer fantasy RolePlaying game.

[Beery Keep, Crossroads]
Fragrant pine trees grow all around a grey-stoned keep that appears to be under construction. Growing green grass dotted with clumps of dead brown grass carpets the ground and a dirt path lined with pebbles leads up to the keep. Birds chirp in the spring air as they fly about the pines. A silver plaque engraved with the word "Crossroads" dangles from a curlicued-iron post.
Obvious exits: None.

Enter the Hall of Fame
The Hall of Fame is exactly what it sounds like. In the Hall you can nominate great roleplayers or point out an exceptional post. Worthy Golden Kobold awards shine on the shelves of this light-filled hall.

Enter the Library of Lady Darcena
The Library of Lady Darcena is Sena's personal collection of stories, thoughts, and poems of friends and other artists. Some of these items can be found in other sites or may have been purchased through the message boards. They are gathered here in the hope to amuse.

Glance at the Table - Under Construction

Enter the Hall of Awards
The Hall of Awards is simply a place that lists the awards has won.

If you wish to contact either JDW Designs or Lady Darcena please e-mail

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