Library of Lady Darcena - Shelves

January 3, 2001 was the last time the janitor dusted the shelves.

There are three bookcases in front of you.  Located on the side of each of the bookcases are small metal nameplates.  They are enscribed with the words Fiction, Non-Fiction, and Records.

There is also a large wall with a plaque on it enscribed with "Gallery".

The Resurrection by Strayla Trinityfire
The Two Sisters by Nofret Hrist

Act as a Noble in a Noble's Court by Viria Cixel
The Arts of H'daina and Touh Daosh by Viria Cixel
The Legend of the Goat Festival by Nofret Hrist
The Legend of the Waterfall by Nofret Hrist
Luukos and Raising the Dead by Lady Darcena
To Bring Home a Trophy by Sergor Salamandus

The Feast of Remembrance
Golden Kobold - Three Corpses
The Unsung Sonata

There are no pictures in the gallery at this time.

Number of scholars who have visited the Library:


1870 scholars had visited the library before the library moved.

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