Clan Snar's Feast of Remembrance

logged by Lady Darcena

June 25, 2000 - 9 pm central

(Part VI - Won Essay Contest, Sepher's Story, End of Feast)

Lajala says, "Er, ferst Greeka gonna say who all won da essays..."

You say, "Don't tackle me, please."

You grin.

Sepher nods to Greeka.

Lajala says, "Das cause i dun like to tackle..."

Lajala snickers.

Greeka smiles.

Greeka says, "thank ye"

Fleeta says, "none of em are here"

Jerrif says, "Jerrif won"

Lajala says, "Might break a nail."

Neq hurls himself at you and connects!
  MS: +139 - MD: +100 + MAvA: -8 + d100: +81 == +112
Neq knocks you flat and quickly jumps to his feet!

Roundtime: 5 sec.

Jerrif whistles tunelessly to himself.

Fleeta chuckles.

Jerrif gazes in wonder at his surroundings.

Neq kneels down.

You groan.

Lajala chuckles.

Neq kisses you deeply.

Alexhandro babbles something unintelligible.

Fleeta exclaims, "Jerrif mighta had a chance...IF he woulda WRITTEN one!"

Neq winks at you.

You say, "Oh."

Greeka says, "the winners of the contest are...."

You blink.

You say, "That works."

Lajala touches one finger to his lips.

Lajala grins.

Jerrif rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Fleeta exclaims, " of em IS here!"

Lajala says, "Shhh..."

Fleeta slaps herself on the forehead.

Greeka says, "First place goes to Elta "

Jerrif says, "Best story I ever wrote was the story of everything I know..."

Jerrif says, "It was blank..."

Neq begins chuckling at Jerrif.

You move to a kneeling position.
Roundtime 4 seconds.

Jerrif works his fingers under his wolf's head helm and scratches his head.

Greeka says, "Second place goes to Alexhandro "

Neq gazes fondly at you.

You applaud.

Alexhandro beams!

Neq leans on you.

Fleeta beams happily at Alexhandro!

Sepher applauds.

Jerrif applauds.

You beam at Alexhandro.

Neq turns to Alexhandro and cheers!

Lajala smiles at Alexhandro.

Fleeta applauds Alexhandro.

Greeka says, "Third place goes to niterezz"

You gaze fondly at Neq.

Alexhandro exclaims, "Woohoo!"

Alexhandro's cheeks flush with a deep shade of red.

Greeka says, "congrats alexhandro"

Fleeta says, "they were all excellent essays"

Greeka just opened a velvet diamond-dusted purse.

Greeka removes a Vornavis promissory note from in her diamond-dusted purse.

Alexhandro bows to Greeka.

Alexhandro says, "Thanks."

Jerrif says, "especially mine..."

Greeka removes a Vornavis promissory note from in her diamond-dusted purse.

Jerrif fidgets.

Jerrif cowers.

Jerrif turns his bright blue ball over in his hands, looking ready for a game of catch.

Fleeta nods to Jerrif.

Fleeta says, "yes...yer thesis was very powerful"

Fleeta smirks.

Jerrif grins.

Greeka put a Vornavis promissory note in her blue spidersilk greatcloak.

You say, "I'm an excellent writer."

Greeka removes a Vornavis promissory note from in her diamond-dusted purse.

You say, "I didn't know about the essays."

You shrug.

Jerrif says, "Wuts a thesis?  Me not good at englishes"

Greeka put a Vornavis promissory note in her blue spidersilk greatcloak.

Jerrif tries to eat his bright blue ball.

Fleeta says, "the contest was goin on fer months......I mentioned it in every scroll I sent out"

Fleeta says, "the thesis is kinda like the topic sentence of a paper"

Sepher says, "Thesis is what you hope to accoumplish and your goals or the point you want to get across"

You say, "I just rejoined recently."

You smile at Fleeta.

You say, "VERY recently."

You mutter something inaudible.

Fleeta nods to you.

Greeka put a Vornavis promissory note in her diamond-dusted purse.

Jerrif chuckles.

Fleeta says, "that might be it"

Greeka removes a Vornavis promissory note from in her blue spidersilk greatcloak.

Fleeta rubs Jerrif gently.

Greeka offers Alexhandro a Vornavis promissory note.

Alexhandro accepts Greeka's promissory note.

Rosana says, "me nae good at writing storys"

Alexhandro put a Vornavis promissory note in his hide cloak.

Greeka says, "first place gets 250k, second 100k, and third 50k"

You say, "Gods, I really wish I would have written something."

Rosana says, "now poems dats difrent"

Rosana smiles.

Greeka says, "we will try and have another one soon"

Greeka sits down.

Rosana asks, "does poems count?"

Lajala says, "OK, Sepher's gonna tell his story now..."

Lajala smiles.

Greeka nods to Sepher.

Sepher smiles.

Rosana beams!

Jerrif chuckles.

Sepher says, "This is the story of the Brother's War, as told by Lord Ralath Snar"

Sepher says, "Gyryk and Sarok were twin brothers, rivalry between them was always strong from the time of their births.  "

Sepher says, "Gyryk was the first of the two to be  born, as the first born he would inherit all his parents wealth and  belongings the most important of which was the families Manor and Keep."

Sepher says, "Throughout their lives Sarok held birth order as a slight against him by his brother."

Sepher says, "Gyryk from birth seemed to be a prodigy at several intellectual studies, while his brother always seemed to be a step behind in his studies."

Sepher says, "When they were thirteen it was time for advanced studies, the time of apprenticeships."

Sepher says, "Gyryk was accepted as a student by a well known and highly respected philosopher while Sarok could only find a librarian to accept him as apprentice."

Sepher says, "Both their studies went well away from each other, Gyryk began to discover why things in the world worked the way they did, Sarok studied books and manuscripts thought to be lost by the general public."

Sepher says, "At 16 their father died, leaving Gyryk as the Keep's holder. Gyryk called his brother home shortly after he became Keep Holder and granted half of the lands the family owned to Sarok."

Sepher says, "Though half was well more than he was entitled too it was not enough for Sarok, in his eye's this granting of property to him was nothing more than Gyryk rubbing his nose in the fact he will never be more than the second child."

Sepher says, "Gyryk began to study herbs as a way to heal something that had never been attempted, he had picked a supply of certain herbs he felt had a possibility of having a healing effect."

Sepher says, "He prepared a sample of an herb and channel some personal energy into it,  I believe this personal energy is what you call mana."

Sepher says, "Though it didn't reveal any healing effects it definitely had an unexpected effect, it is believed this first spell he discovered was a light producing spells."

Sepher says, "On this day Gyryk became the first mage and  took the name Truthseeker."

Sepher says, "He continued his studies with these, "components" and discovered many more that had effects when channeled into and he also began to combine components to get more amazing results."

Sepher says, "He divided the components and there effects into 6 categories of magic based on the elements, Earth, Wind, Water, Fire, Light, Dark."

Sepher says, "He believed that the ability to learn magic was hereditary and attempted to teach it to his brother, but his brother had little interest till he found out about the magic of the element Dark."

Sepher says, "Truthseeker cautioned Sarok that the Dark magic should be controlled and not abused and said he would teach none of the Dark magic he had learned to Sarok because he intended to make it so none will even hold it."

Sepher says, "Sarok again took his brother's actions as a personal slight against him and stole his brother's notes concerning Dark magic and began to study them on his own, he also discovered another set of elements his brother never did based on the element of Death."

Sepher says, "On the day of this discovery Sarok took the name Deathbringer and vowed to bring death to his brother and any who would support him."

Sepher says, "Deathbringer began to amass a large army of undead and demons, he sought others that were willing to serve him and that could learn to use magic."

Sepher says, "He sent this army against his brother at the families Keep hoping to have his brother killed and have the keep and family property to himself, but his brother and the few students he had, managed to repel the attack and even directed a counterattack."

Sepher says, "Truthseeker knew what his brother had done when the attack was made on the Keep, so he sent out word to the king asking for his support in eliminating the evil his brother had brought into the world, he also sent out messengers to other countries to seek aid and warn them about the menace."

Sepher says, "Truthseeker began to forge a weapon that would be intelligent and able to find a way to defeat his brother without having to kill him."

Sepher says, "He named the blade "Seeker" and carried it with him to all battles he participated in hoping it would find a way to defeat his brother."

Sepher says, "The armies of both sides fought many battles but neither truly gained any ground until Deathbringer discovered a spell that allowed for the changing of a persons body into something else."

Sepher says, "Deathbringer set an ambush for his brother who was leading a small party to a meeting with a new ally."

Sepher says, "As soon as Truthseeker came into view Deathbringer sprung his trap casting the new spell at his brother and changing him into a tree, the rest of the party was set upon by various undead as Deathbringer attempted to take "Seeker", a few of Truthseeker's followers attempted to
block Deathbringer so he used the spell on himself and changed himself into a large reptile called a velicioraptor, a extrememly deadly form coupled with his magic ability he seemed unstoppable."

Sepher says, "A young mage who came from Clan Snar named, Timeron snatched the blade "Seeker" and fled as the others fought futily against Deathbringer."

Sepher says, "He gave the blade one instruction, "Find me those that can defeat Deathbringer anyway possible.""

Sepher says, "Within 6 months the blade had led him to many people whom all joined him in his cause, they came from varied professions and countries but were united in their cause."

Sepher says, "They caught Deathbringer by surprise alone at the Keep, during the fight he shifted to the velicioraptor form and managed to kill several of those against him before they managed to kill him."

Sepher says, "After the battle, Timeron hid "Seeker" and used the Keep to set up a school for mages."

Sepher says, "Those that killed  Deathbringer were honored and celebrated, but one by one they each died a mysterious death."

Sepher says, "Some said these death's were caused by Deathbringer's followers, other's said the evidence pointed to the fact that Deathbringer had somehow returned from the grave."

Sepher says, "But that's a story for another time."

Sepher says, "This is the story of how it was, remember and learn from it."

Greeka applauds.

Lord Orinkar wandered up a faint path.

Lord Orinkar went behind a waterfall.

Alexhandro applauds Sepher.

Neq turns to Sepher and cheers!

Rosana applauds.

Neq throws his head back and howls!

Fleeta beams happily at Sepher!

Sepher smiles.

Fleeta applauds.

Greeka says, "twas a wonderful story sepher"

Lajala smiles.

You applaud.

Jerrif applauds.

Sepher says, "Thank you"

Jerrif stands up.

Lajala applauds Sepher.

Jerrif flings himself against Sepher, bounces off of him, and giggles madly!

Sepher chuckles.

Jerrif exclaims, "Best story I ever heard!"

For no apparent reason, Jerrif flings himself at the ground.

Jerrif rolls around on the ground.

Rosana rolls Jerrif over.

Rosana snickers.

Jerrif sticks out his tongue.

Jerrif gives Rosana a little prod between the shoulder blades.

Sepher sits down.

Rosana sticks her tongue out at Jerrif, and lets out with a loud, "Thbtbtbtbt" from her lips!

Sepher clears his throat.

Lord Orinkar just arrived.

Jerrif sticks his tongue out at Rosana, and lets out with a loud, "Thbtbtbtbt" from his lips!

Orinkar blinks.

Greeka just hugged Orinkar.

Lajala says, "That brings the feast to an end."

Neq chuckles.

Lajala smiles.

Sepher leans on Orinkar.

Orinkar bows to Greeka.

Greeka says, "hello hun"

Orinkar says, "hiyas"

Rosana snickers.

Orinkar says, "I just stepped"

Orinkar cackles!

You hug Lajala.

[The Shore of Dreams]
Fel and pine trees crowd close to the shore of an almost perfectly clear pool.  A low wall crafted from bright blue Liabo marble surrounds the tiny pond, encircling it in a loving embrace.  The gleaming surface of the water is disturbed only by concentric rings drifting away from the waterfall lazily spilling down from an outcropping of rocks overhead.  Though the shadows are deep here, an occasional beam of light pierces the darkness, illuminating the vivid colors surrounding you.  You also see a faint path.
Also here: Lord Orinkar, Alexhandro who is seated, Lord Sepher who is seated, Lord Jerrif who is lying down, Fleeta who is seated, Lord Lajala who is seated, Lady Rosana who is seated, Neq who is kneeling, Lady Greeka who is seated
Obvious paths: none.

Neq nods.

Orinkar says, "how is most everyone"

Orinkar blinks.

Fleeta turns towards Orinkar and renders a sharp hand salute.

Neq chuckles.

Greeka says, "wonderful and how are ye orinkar"

Orinkar says, "I'm ok"

Rosana says, "me doing ok"

Neq gawks at you.

Lajala says, "Thank ye all fer comin, i know it ain't da best of times, but der wasnt much choice after what happened..."

Clan Snar's Feast of Remembrance - Part V

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