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July 2000

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  By        SYLANAE@PLAY.NET (Empath Huntress of Doom)
  On        Jul 11, 2000 at 05:38

Well I think these Kobolds are very well deserved. I was holding some games last night/early this morning, nothing too huge. Some trivia, some hide 'n peek, some talent users. I very much appreciate those who took time out of hunting, healing, etc to run around the Landing and do some trivia.

Needless to say Xeldria, Arianiss and Savhath won most of the rounds.. and the goal of one of such rounds was they had to find the place I was hiding and act out a tragic death scene.

The place I hid was the old Theatre in Cholgar's Bathhouse.. and this is what ensued.

   Arianiss searches around for a moment.
   Arianiss has spotted you!

   Xeldria put a black titanium shield in her gossamer silk wrap.

   Arianiss gasps.

   Xeldria gags.

   Mytol laughs!

   Arianiss suddenly stumbles for no apparent reason.

   (Mytol dies.)

   Arianiss places a hand over his heart.

   Arianiss falls over.

   Mytol falls over.

   Arianiss thrashes around on the floor.

   (Xeldria holds her neck in pain)

   Arianiss gags.

   Arianiss moans.

   Arianiss makes a gurgling sound in his throat.

   Xeldria exclaims, "Oh the agony!"

   Arianiss pants.

   (Arianiss falls limp.)

   Mytol coughs.

   (Xeldria falls to the ground, spasming.)

   Mytol coughs.

   Xeldria falls over.

   Mytol says, "it's too late for me."

   (Xeldria gurgles once.)

   Mytol coughs.

   Mytol coughs.

   Xeldria gags.

   (Xeldria gurgles twice.)

   Xeldria gags.

   Mytol says, "i'm going....."

   Mytol says, "tell grandma I love her...."

   (Xeldria blinks several times as the world goes dim.)

   Mytol says, "uh.........."

   [Cholgar's Bathhouse, Theatre]
   The sight of a small stage at the far end of the room catches your eyes. Arrayed before it are several comfortable chairs. You also see an oaken door.
   Also in the room: Lord Arianiss who is lying down, Lord Mytol who is lying down, Lady Xeldria who is lying down Obvious exits: none.

   (Xeldria doesn't move.)

   (Arianiss isn't moving either!)

   (Mytol can't move....he's DEAD!)

   (Xeldria is still playing dead.)

I personally found that not only extremely hilarious, but rather well done. All three of them of course won, and it took every ounce of Syl's strength not to laugh uproariously and reveal her hiding spot.

Great job you guys!

And to all of you who didn't know the answers to some of the EASY trivia about the gods.. shame on you! You get a dingy scorched troll instead.

I'll be back.. so start studying.

Thanks to all who participated.

Sylanae 'n player.

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