The Resurrection

by Strayla Trinityfire

July 2000

::The world seems to stand still, time means nothing here. All around you green/grey smoke billows outwards and upwards, creating a funnel in this timeless place.

Faces seem to push their way through the smoke, haunting cries filling your head, but your ears hear nothing. You struggle to see that face you've come for, that one that you know from somewhere in your past, and want in your future.

Then you see it, the face, the voice filling your mind with an endless scream...shivers are sent flowing down your spine, your knees seem to buckle from beneath you. Her face...her eyes...they pierce your very soul as they seem to beckon for you.

You reach out, pressing your hands beyond the wall of smoke and take hold of something firm, flesh, soft and cold, dead...she sighs within your mind...but pull forward with fierce determination, drawing her lifeless body into your arms, the other voices in your mind shriek in horror "how dare you, you cannot, she is with us, one of us!" "Free her!" "Let her go!" "Wretched woman, come back to us!"

You scream, but no sound escapes your lips. You pull her up into your arms, this lifeless being, and gently, look about. There, within the wall of smoke, you see it. A ghostly apparition, singing a mournful song, one of death, or life? It lashes out suddenly at the body you now hold...

The body takes a breath suddenly, her eyes opening...grey pupils searching about anxiously, horror stricken. Memories flood your mind, and hers, you see all that she has been through, the death, the rebirth, and death wonder when will it end...and then the smoke clears...and then...::

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