The Arts of H'daina and Touh Daosh

by Lady Viria

April 2000

~ H'daina ~

H'daina is a method of communication, usually used in the high courts between nobles. It is very discreet, and often takes place between a man and a woman. H'daina is the art of using only the eyes to communicate your innermost feelings to another person. It was perfected by long-married couples needing a way to communicate over vast halls so that no one but each other could understand. Every two people have their own patterns of H'daina, so examples cannot be written. It is said that the more one practices, the more easily they can be understood by the person they are performing for, and the less easily anyone else can interpret them. H'daina is widely used for courtship, affairs, and other personal matters, but is also used, though much less often, between close friends or political allies.

~ Touh Daosh ~

Touh Daosh is another method of communication, also used in the noble courts as well as by merchants and others who understand it. It utilizes the entire body, unlike H'daina which uses just the eyes, to communicate with others. Also, it can be used by an entire group of people at a time, unlike H'daina which is used only by two. Many universal symbols and signals exists, as well as personalized ones known only to those who use them. Touh Daosh is considered a very beautiful when performed by masters, almost a dance, and can be very helpful. It is often employed in political dealings with foreigners and during the negotiations of marriages. Touh Daosh is sometimes truncated to Tu'D'osh or other shorter variations.

Below I have illustrated some examples, followed by their meaning. The meanings are rough translations, and those that are unclear are followed by a simpler meaning.

Viria touches her pinky to her chest, then sweeps it outwards in a large circle. - That is the way the rain falls. (That's life.)

Viria presses the palm of her hand against Lonraen's shoulder. - Walk on the water. (You can do it.)

Viria touches her lips lightly before sweeping her hand outward gracefully. - I will wait for you.

Viria draws her thumb from her bottom lip to her chin. - That person is detestable.

Viria runs her finger gently down her ear. - Watch carefully.

Viria rests her hands on her hips and turns her head to the side. - Fools speak a fool's tongue. (They don't know what they're talking about.)

Viria touches her elbow lightly and then brings her hand upwards in a sweeping motion. - Your cares are stones at the center of the mountain. (Don't worry.)

Viria moves her leg out in an small arc. - It is time to go.

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