Clan Snar's Feast of Remembrance

logged by Lady Darcena

June 25, 2000 - 9 pm central

(Part II - Greeka's Story)

Greeka says, "i would like to tell ye all a story of the past"

Greeka says, "The story starts well back to the founding of the Clans. When the humans that arrived at what we call the homelands. "

Greeka says, "There were origianlly 7 Clans. 6 of then you should be able to name, but most likely the seventh you wouldn't know about."

Greeka says, "The Seventh was name Bershim, the Clan of the Owl. They were one of the strongest in numbers, and their fall was unexpected at the time."

Greeka exclaims, "The Bershim were destroyed from within!"

Greeka says, "There was a young mage among them who had the greatest potential in generations. But this mage wasn't satisfied with being a mage, he wanted power, he wanted to dominate."

Greeka says, "He sought out someone to apprentice himslef too. A mage by the name of Deathbringer, a necromancer by choice. He taught Nadeer, the young mage, all he knew of the necromatic workings of magic. "

Greeka says, "Well almost all, a teacher like Deathbringer, doesn't want his pupil to get better then he."

Greeka takes a drink from her sparkling wine.

Greeka exclaims, "Nadeer grasped the most terrorfying and destructive spells, he learned to summon undead and control demons!"

Machean sits down.

Greeka says, "When Deathbringer taught him all he would, Nadeer returned to the territory of the Bershim."

Greeka says, "He learned of a meeting of the Clan council , the chief elder, the justiciars, and many Elders."

Greeka exclaims, "He used his knowledge that he had gained to slaughter everyone that was in attendanced. then he made them into his servants!"

Greeka says, "He used them to spearhead attacks on various Bershim settlements, you can imagine the peoples fear seeing the corpse of their leaders attacking their towns."

Greeka says, "Within 4 years he had total control of the Bershim territory except for 2 cities, he renamed the territory the Kingdom of Nadeer."

Greeka says, "Those 2 cities were thorns in his side for most of his 300 year reign, both cities had an extremely high population of Paladins."

Celyx just left.

Greeka takes a drink from her sparkling wine.

Greeka says, "Before his kingdom was crushed by the Blue one he managed to destroy one of the Paladin cities, but the other out lasted his Empire by 5 days."

Greeka exclaims, "This is the story of the Clan of the Owl and how it was, remember and learn from it!"

Lajala applauds Greeka.

Greeka curtsies.

Lajala smiles.

Sepher applauds Greeka.

Machean applauds.

Rosana applauds Greeka.

Sepher takes a drink from his sparkling wine.

Czarnebre applauds.

Fleeta beams!

Neq turns to Greeka and cheers!

Celyx just arrived.

You applaud.

Fleeta applauds Greeka.

You take a drink from your sparkling wine.
Mmmmmm...that hit the spot.

Rosana takes a drink from her sparkling wine.

Greeka smiles.

Celyx beams happily at Greeka!

Sepher nods to Greeka.

Neq whispers, "was a beautifully told story"

Neq leans on you.

Fleeta nods.

Fleeta giggles.

Rosana takes a drink from her sparkling wine.

You smile at Neq.

Celyx takes a drink from his sparkling wine.

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