Clan Snar's Feast of Remembrance

logged by Lady Darcena

June 25, 2000 - 9 pm central

(Part III - Fleeta's Poem)

Fleeta stands up.

Fleeta clears her throat.

Lajala says, "And now Fleeta has a poem for us."

Lajala smiles.

Fleeta curtsies.

Fleeta recites:

    "The present flies by quickly,
     And soon becomes the past.
     Best friends and loves are lost,
     But memories still last."

Fleeta recites:

    "These memories of days gone by
     We honor here tonight.
     For, if we remember those before us,
     Their spirits will still burn bright."

Fleeta recites:

    "Its important that we learn our past
     By listening to the stories
     Of the raging battle in the valley
     And of our ancestors' glories."

Fleeta recites:

    "Though their blood was shed
     By the Blue One long ago,
     And though it was a tragedy
     This one thing I do know:"

Fleeta recites:

    "Because they gave their lives,
     We are here today.
     We owe this very feast to them,
     And honor them this way."

Fleeta recites:

    "When it is time for us to pass
     Our traditions on
     Fear not, for though we must go,
     Our memories are strong."

Fleeta curtsies.

Lajala applauds Fleeta.

Neq turns to Fleeta and cheers!

Lajala smiles at Fleeta.

Greeka applauds.

Fleeta blushes a lovely shade of bright pink.

Rosana applauds.

Greeka says, "that was wonderful hun"

Sepher applauds Fleeta.

Sepher nods.

You applaud.

Fleeta exclaims, "thank you!"

Neq says, "beautiful composition"

Neq smiles at Fleeta.

Fleeta sits down.

Fleeta blushes and babbles a few incoherent words, looking sincerely flustered.

Neq leans on you.

Machean applauds Fleeta.

You nod to Neq.

You say, "I agree."

Machean says, "very very nice"

Neq nods to you.

Lajala smiles.

Fleeta beams!

Lajala smiles.

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